Statistical aggregations on numeric object array fields

When working with statistical aggregations in ElasticSearch 1.7 I couldn’t find any documentation about how arrays are treated. Of course you need a numeric field for statistical aggregations. In my special case I needed arrays of objects. But this should obviously not make a difference. For statistical aggregations to work, you need to “seal” your mapping by setting dynamic to … Read More

Introducing a generic dynamic mapping template for ElasticSearch

Configuring a mapping for ElasticSearch is not required. Per definition and as opposed to Solr, ElasticSearch is schemaless. If not defined, a mapping for a type is created on the fly, based on the first document that is being indexed. If another document that is being indexed has a different format, the mapping will be changed dynamically, if this is … Read More

Nutch 2.2 with ElasticSearch 1.x and HBase

This document describes how to install and run Nutch 2.2.1 with HBase 0.90.4 and ElasticSearch 1.1.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 Prerequisites Make sure you installed the Java-SDK 7. And you set JAVA_HOME in your .bashrc: Add the following line at the bottom of HOME/.bashrc: (the jdk might differ) Now you need to either reconnect with your terminal or type: To load … Read More