These are the services I’m offering.

If you are not sure if your needs are covered by the services I offer, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Text Mining

TextMining is the art of enriching unstructured textual content. The most valuable source of information, User Generated Content, is usually not structured and thus not machine readable.

By annotating or extracting labelled entities from text, or by labelling the whole document with topic or sentiment, it becomes much more valuable.

Data Mining

How to get the maximum value out of your BigData. How to find what’s similar, what your users like. Based on several criteria, it’s possible to group, classify, and sort your data by relevance. That’s how to find, what’s relevant for your users.

Natural Language Processing

There are hundreds of ways and possibilities to automate natural language processing. To save money and to prevent your employees from doing repetitive boring tasks over and over again. I can teach your computers how to do it.